Friday, 6 December 2013


Cutting corners: creating comics is gruelling, and there are so many visual resources available. I wanted to explore repetition a bit further, and also see if I could create a coherent story from the works of a famous painter. Starting off easy, Peter Bruegel's work has a strong narrative feel to it, although that could have worked against me. It would have been easy to tell one of the stories that he's already told in his paintings (and he fitted in hundreds!), but where's the fun in that?

I wanted to do two things here.

Communicate an ineffable experience, something that couldn't be put into words easily. For much of the middle page, our narrator's lost for words, and the pictures lose their figurative-ness.

I also wanted to play with repetition. We see the face of the farm-girl with the  rake several times, but the intervening narrative changes what we see. (Yeah, and the mood lighting I added!) The pictures in a comic aren't isolated, but glued into the  whole.

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