Thursday, 26 March 2015

Improvised Comic Update, March 2015

A quick update on the Improvised Comic is due.

Short version - it's going well.

Longer version - it's going rather well.

And beyond that, a few fun facts:
- I'll be using a split page layout that I've employed elsewhere
- It contains a documentary about the origins of the Universe, the Big Bang, Dark Matter and planetary dynamics
- This isn't really what the book's all about
- the top half of the first 28 pages are complete
- the bottom halves are almost done too
- a few sample bits of art will be appearing on this blog over the coming weeks
- this is (at least) the third complete rewrite of the material
- it's working out rather nicely

(Photos by Alan & Julie Walker, costumes by Kate Reid, starring players of Kendal Community Theatre, and attendees at LICAF 2014 who wandered through the door...)

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