Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Process: Improvised Comic Strip

I've spent a few (somewhat) happy hours learning how to record and edit a movie, as a result of which, here's a short film showing the techniques I use to create comic strips from cartoons.

There are two types of technique on show here:
1. The technical stuff : how I use The Gimp, and some custom scripts, to create the artwork
2. The storytelling : figuring out the layout, sequence and story as I go

Here's the speeded-up, 7 minute video showing the whole process:

And here's the completed strip:

The approach I use in my longer-form work isn't that different - I will script things up in advance (and edit the heck out of it), but typically don't start on the story until after the video's been shot, and fine-tune the dialogue on the page.

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